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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Information Technology Vogue Again?

Bill Gates says US is not supplying enough Information Technology talent.

I remember not so long ago when various acquaintances of mine were living champagne careers and could ask for the salary of their choice in addition to benefit packages. I also remember recruiters asking me to try to lure my acquaintances to their clients with the promise of $1000 finder's fee if they stayed with the company for a minimum of 6 months. My acquaintances got up to $5,000 hiring bonus.

However, the balloon burst and bye bye bonuses and champagne careers. I read news stories regarding former IT employees who couldn't find work as Help Desk Representatives and eventually ended up homeless. Others had to go as far as waiting in line with 20 other former IT employees for bar waiters and waitresses positions because their unemployment benefits ran out. I fell into the IT craze late and had only a few glorious months of lofty per hour paychecks. After several months of being passed by for far more experienced IT personnel applying for positions that were 5 years beneath them, I ended up applying at fast food places after my unemployment was used up. I finally went back to what I knew best - Administrative & Managerial Assistance.

It's five yeas later and a stream has made its way through the wasteland rocks of the Information Technology industry. On November 7th, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, designated Darth Vader guiding the imperial IT Storm Troopers into a Microsoft shiny technology advanced future, said that US is not supplying enough Information Technology talent.

Hua? Is he serious? Once bitten, twice shy. After the fall from IT glory I know I'm no where's near ready to go back to flipping hamburgers and asking if customers would like to super size their meal. But when Bill Gates talk people do tend to listen and follow and I'm at least listening.

At the 2006 Microsoft Business Forum in Moscow on Tuesday, Bill Gates said a shortage of information technology graduates from Western universities is leading companies to call on developing countries to meet IT demand.

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