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Thursday, November 16, 2006

YouTube - The new microsoft take over wave

Yet another new YouTube deal is struck. The video sharing site just announced an agreement with CBS to offer news, sports and entertainment clips on a daily basis, kicking off this month. YouTube and CBS will share revenue from the sponsorship of CBS Videos. Content set to appear includes “Survivor”, “CSI” and “The Late Show with Dave Letterman”, all from CBS Entertainment. The news division, meanwhile, will serve up “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric”, “The Early Show” and “60 Minutes.” There’ll be sports content from CBS Sports, and Showtime Networks will supply trailers from “Dexter”, “Brotherhood”, “Sleeper Cell and “The L Word”.

What’s more, CBS will be the first to test YouTube’s new “content identification architecture”, which allows the company to track down unauthorized use of their copyrighted content

What else?

Viacom sent YouTube a letter last week asking the video-sharing site to remove some of its copyrighted content, the two companies appear to have reached an understanding.

Now there could be a
possible YouTube and Viacom deal. The companies may have reached a mutually beneficial agreement that will grant YouTube the license to play the Comedy Central, etc. content again.

The potential compliance exhibited by YouTube is characteristic of the company that’s eager to make deals with media companies, as opposed to being caught in a law suit for copyright infringement. Viacom’s cooperation in allowing the content to be played on YouTube could show the media company’s eagerness to capture audiences where they are (online) and to still profit from the viewing of their video content.


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