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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogger target of copyright infringement complaint

Personaly, I can not stand blogger Perez Hilton. I consider him annoying and just anther paparazzi slime bucket.

FEBRUARY 21--The online publication of a topless photo of Jennifer Aniston has triggered a lawsuit against gossip blogger Perez Hilton. According to a copyright infringement complaint filed against Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) by Universal City Studios, the Aniston photo came from footage shot during filming of "The Break-Up." The footage, the studio charges, was stolen during production of the 2006 comedy, which starred Aniston and former boyfriend Vince Vaughn.

In an e-mail, Lavandeira wrote that he had not yet seen the Aniston com
plaint, and would "be in a better position to comment" once his lawyers reviewed the lawsuit. Aniston has been a frequent target of Lavandeira, who has dubbed her "Maniston" and commented harshly on the actress's looks.

Perez Hilton

Jennifer Aniston

Perez Hilton needs an entire team of Hollywood stylists before making any kind of comments about Aniston. He looks just like anther college drop out / beer guzzling past prime time frat boy.

I hope she wins and he gets knocked out of the game!

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