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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How To Advance Your Career

· I am able to recite my goal(s) at any time.

· I will ask questions

· I will be in the office before my boss 90% of the time.

· I will be the person to speak out with new ideas

· I will finish everything I start. I am not going to bail on a project.

· I will know how competitors do things so I can suggest better solutions Creating Good Habits For Success

· I will lead others and show my strengths because someday I may want these people to work for me.

· I will learn as much as possible about the roles people play in the company. One day I will have to fill those roles.

· I will leave the office after my boss 90% of the time.

· I will listen even if I believe I know everything there is to know about the topic.

· I will look for areas that my company fails and try to solve them to the best of my abilities. One day I will fix those failures by starting my own company.
Top 10 Adventures In Self-Employment

· I will never stop learning new skills

· I will not complain and gossip because my reputation will follow me.

· I will promote my success by promoting the success of a project I worked on.

· I will speak my mind in the face of rejection when I am confident that my idea is a winner, but I will remain open to meeting halfway with someone who opposes my idea.

· I will study new trends so I am the person with the good ideas.

· I will work and think as if this company was my own.

· If the customer has a problem, I will help figure it out how to solve it.

· If they ask me for a report, I will do it exceedingly well. One day I may ask an employee of mine for similar reports.

· Regardless of what my boss says, I will review myself each month and then ask for help when I need it.

Resistance Is Futile

Technology is ever changing, it's limitless.

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