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Thursday, May 10, 2007

No gas on May 15th, won't work

Don't boycott gas on May 15th . It just wont work.
The only way to make a difference and show companies that we can do without gas is to use *less* gas.

I've started parking my car a couple of blocks away from work. This way I get a bit more exercise and I save a few extra pennies in gas. Plus, if my car isn't readily available
in the garage than I wont make car trips when I could easily walk.

Other ways to boycott gas prices effectively

Carpools / National sites

1) Carpool Connect

Carpool Searches, Message Center and Forums

2) eRideShare

A good website with a lot of tools that inlude correspondnce safety, driving traffic stress suggstions, groups, events, where to buy cheaper gas and many other options.

The website is still pretty low key in format and eye candy, but the tools make it a great drive by site.

3) Carpool Match NW has better eye candy than eRideShare and it offers new members a choice bewteen regular commutes and one time trips.

However, you must verify your address before continuing. I used my PO address, my work address and than make up a residential address and every time it said the address could not be found. I also used two major intersections and nothing came up.

So I stopped trying.

Other Suggestions

Look up your local public transportation and see if they have a Rapid Express bus that makes few stops

Some metropolis cities offer vanpool programs for large companies.

Try to work with your company to set up a company vanpool program.

The May 15th boycott myth will not lower gas prices:

Boycotters who drive their cars on May 15th -- their overall gas consumption will remain exactly the same. Boycotters will simply pump more gas on or before May 14th or after May 15th.

The dollar savings calculations are wrong:

May 15th boycott emails claim that if 73 million people chose not to fill up on gas on the 15th of May, it would save approximately $2.3 billion dollars ($31.50 per person). Simple math and even my bad math calculations knows that the calculations are almost $700 million away from $3 billion.

Second, we can not even get one million people to recycle 7% of garbage, how in the world can we expect 73 million to not use a gas pump?

See Snopes for more information on why the May 15th boycott wont work.


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At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIS WILL NOT WORK. The only way it will work is if you stop buying gas from just one company instead of all of them. For instance, BP. If we all pitch in and boycott BP, then they will go under which will force everyone else to either lower their prices or die. We need to hold these gas companies down and hit them where it hurts one station at a time. Then after BP dies, we can move on to chevron, then shell until they give in to our demands!!! Lower prices!!!

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would only boycott for 1 day? why not make it the 15th - every month?


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