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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gaming industry

Trade PS3 for 8,389 Gorditas

Taco Bell wants your PlayStation 3 and trying to do a good deed with a trade off.
How about a lifetime supply of Gorditas, Chalupas, Double Deckers, and Crunchwraps for your brand new PS3? The first person to donate a PS3 will receive $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks*, in turn, the console will end up in the hands of the Boys & Girls Club. So why doesn't Taco Bell simply make its own anonymous gift to charity? Can't get its hands on a PS3? Nah, this one reeks of publicity stunt ending in heart attack. Shameless. Who's gonna take one for the team? The offer expires December 1; limited to one recipient. So only 1 boy or girl - hopefull girl because geek gurls rock! will ge a PS3...

Speaking of gaming...

Guild Wars beta testing to begin in China

As if Chinese gamers didn't have enough online gaming to occupy their leisure (and work) time. They has announced Guild Wars China will begin closed beta testing on Nov. 29. One of the most anticipated games on the mainland. Guild Wars attracted 200,000 applicants on the first day of beta registration last week. Maybe an aspiring Chinese clan will unseat South Korea's reigning Guild Wars champs The Last Pride at the next world tournament. The9 also hosts World of Warcraft and Webzen's Soul of the Ultimate Nation, but it is unknown if the Shanghai-based developer's Guild Wars deal with NCsoft also includes the Factions and Nightfall expansions.
It's not Halloween, but it is scary

Cooking & gaming PS3 grills a great piece of meat

Waffle irons are completely overrated. A PS3 grill you say? Now you're talking. Well a working one finally arrived care of some anti-PS3 blokes who gutted a 20GB unit and inserted a sizzling griddle turning the $500 machine into a console cooking monstrosity. The thing even slants left for proper grease drainage. Premium indeed!

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