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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Onyx: Better then iPhone

Apple’s Iphone could have some tough competition in the future. The Onyx looks better than the iphone. The Onyx combines mobile communications with a very technology sleek looking adaptive user interface industrial design.

“By combining Synaptics enabling technology, interaction design proficiency and concept prototyping capabilities with Pilotfish's user interface and industrial design expertise, the Onyx concept illustrates what is possible when a thoughtful approach is used to incorporate new technology in the mobile environment.”- Synaptics website

Clear capacitive touch screen

As Synaptics says on they’re website “life is activity based, not application based.” The Onyx brings together a phone, GPS, music, teleconference and calendar that all work simultaneously by seamlessly integrating the functions into activity based functionality.

I want some Onyx. Here’s the bad news.

“The Onyx concept is purely a concept platform designed to encourage discussion within the mobile community. Onyx will not be launched by Synaptics or any mobile phone OEMs. The enabling capacitive ClearPad technology is expected to be productized and available to OEMs by the end of the year.”

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