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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Get in touch with your inner puppy

If your dog is your baby, then your just going to love spending 30 minutes working through yoga positions with Fido. The classic yoga pose, downward facing dog, has taken on a whole new meaning called "Ruff Yoga." Also called Doga, the dog & human yoga is gaining devotees across the dog parks.

The human- dog yoga bond was created from the exercise nuts enthusiast Suzi Teitelman of Crunch Fitness. She’s Crunch's New York-based director of yoga and came up with the idea from her at home yoga sessions.

Her devoted cocker spaniel, Coali, began hovering by her yoga mat during the sessions and the doggie light flipped on.

"Pretty soon I was getting Coali into positions, and I could just feel him getting happier," says Teitelman, who wears her dog-love proudly. "This is a partner class, where you and your dog get closer by working through poses together."

Crunch Fitness now offers free doggie-and-me sessions — called Ruff Yoga at locations from Los Angeles to New York. Dog owners run through poses and than finish by hugging they’re dogs.


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