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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Linked In?

I’ve been avoiding new social networking sites because after a while they all just start to melt together like ice cream on a Chicago summer day. On the other hand, that is sort of like going online and reading only one news source and thinking you know everything there is to know about the article subject matter.

I keep hearing about LinkedIn and figured it was time I paid anther visit to the site and do my homework.

What is LinkedIn?

It's a professional networking website. Some call it MySpace for Adults without webcam girl emails and pictures of that drunken night at the last holiday party.

There are no blogs about how Joe Smo can’t get a date or ‘Princess waiting for her Prince Charming’ lack of love.

Linked In is a place where you can build a network of valuable networks. The first step is joining Linked In and creating your professional profile. Then search for people you've worked with, worked for, or just know from school.

Why Use LinkedIn?

The more creative way to go about utilizing LinkedIn is to travel around the site and see who may be a valuable professional connection for your long-term career goals. However, remember that others are also looking for valuable networking sources – so to find value, be valuable.

Is there a company you have always wanted to work for but just haven’t been able to get an interview with? Search for people who currently and or formally have worked for the company.

Once you have exchanged greetings and agreed to link, you'll have access to they’re network connections as they will have access to yours.

After some research I find that LinkedIn definitely deserves some more attention. So here are some tips & tricks I discovered.

Don’t expect LinkedIn to do the work for you. It’s a tool, like the keyboard. Just because the keyboard has letters doesn’t mean it’s going to write an email for you.

LinkedIn won’t automatically connect you to people. Relationships don't just happen, you have to go into the system and introduce yourself and get involved.

The more time you spend exploring LinkedIn, the more helpful it can be.

Being friendly pays -- the more connections you have and a potential contact has will increase the amount of networking possibilities that exists.

Let me know what you find by exploring LinkedIn. I’m looking forward to experiencing all that LinkIn has been bragged about -- feel free to add me.

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