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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things To Always Consider In Life

Source: Dumb Little Man
NOTE: Slightly changed but is from the Dumb Little Man blog

No one will believe in you more than you do.

If you want to start a business your spouse or friends will never have as much confidence as you. Listen and consider their concerns, advice and opinions, but don't let popular opinion be the sole factor in your conclusion. If you believe in it, do it. Even if the business isn’t a financial success you will learn lessons from it that will push you closer to financial success.

Garbage Sticks.

We all do it, at some point in life, particularly at a young age, we will be faced with the major choice of having to decide who to be friends with. I’ve made the mistake of befriending trash and learned the hard way. Trash will get you nothing but trashed.
My mother used to say, "If you hang around shi*, don't be surprised if it gets on you." - - Jay Dumb Little Man

No Free Rides

He just got lucky. She was born with money and didn’t earn the business she gets. He sucks up to everyone he knows. If a person wins the lottery, than yes they got lucky but if a person has no college education, started a business, worked 80 hours each week for 5 years, and sold his business for $15 Million, he earned it. Create your future and dedicate yourself to it.

Corporations & Job Change Is Good.

The days of dedicating yourself to a single company are gone. If you are not constantly looking at your options, you are passing up salary increases and a solid resume.

In Business, Trust Is Sacred.

Business and money much like love changes everything. The bottom line in any business relationship whether it’s with your best friend or someone you don’t know – trust in business is sacred and trust needs to be earned (by everyone involved) and not given away like some cheap trade show promo item.

I’ve been burned by a person who promoted their religious ethics in business as the end to any question regarding their integrity. I wasn't naive but I was ignorant to the fact that money changes people. Self-righteousness, ignorance, and being too trustworthy will kill your business investments. Money Changes People!

Money Isn't Bad.

Money is good - your spending habits are bad. If you have a choice, spend $3 a day at Starbucks or buy a quality coffee maker for $29.99 and go to star bucks only once a week. Money and saving it is an absolute requirement to obtaining what you want in the long term. Every single dollar you spend must be scrutinized. If the dollar is not helping your long-term goals, don't spend it.

Expose Your Emotions Appropriately

I absolutely hate seeing a women (and I am a women) cry at every little work dilemma. When I see the same women over dramatize every single thing that shoes go her way I become callous. However, I’ve seen men (though much more rare) do the same thing and I cringe at having to witness it. You shouldn’t be completely unfeeling because your emotions are a positive attribute that will help your career excel. Emotion shows you care getting fired up about a new project can help you get noticed.

People Are People.

Don't get stressed out about potentially negative or unexpressive interactions of others.
Everyone goes home at the end of the day and has problems, concerns and plans of their own. Someone might be excited one day and not approachable anther – no one but that person knows why. Don’t assume they are a jerk simply because they didn’t pay as much attention as you wanted in the meeting. They are the people just like you.

Not Starting A Business Is Risky.

The risk of not starting your own business when you constantly talk about doing it is the risk of regret. Follow your dreams and ambition. If, at a minimum, you don't research your plan, you will always wonder what could have been. You don't want to live a life of "what ifs".

Divorce & Break Ups Happen

Sometimes it meant to be – two people were meant to be together but only for a few years. Sometimes two people don’t know how to communicate and they don’t bother to learn how. Sometimes one is simply a jerk. If you have kids make sure she he knows the break up / divorce has nothing to do with ‘because of them’.

Having a kid will change your life and having a child never guarantees that it will make a relationship work or make it a stronger relationship. No matter how you plan and no matter how much you think you know, having a child will change everything including the relationship. Don’t have kids simply because it is the society accepted next move in a relationship. On the same token, having a child will not keep him (or her) in the relationship.

You Choose Your Destination.

Choose your destination. The path may change slightly or dramatically but choose one from the start. If the destination needs altering, do so. But make a choice and feel confident about it. The time to experiment is now before you die with regrets and or before your obligations restrict the amount of experimenting your able to do. Choose a path that makes you feel good and one you can be happy about.

Learn A Language.

Unfortunately, most schools are still teaching Spanish and French. Spanish is only slightly needed but the business world is changing and if you want to succeed you need to change with it. Learn Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic or Persian. Most of the world knows English but these countries are the face of the new economy, unfortunately US schools are still stuck in the 70s.

Education Is Necessary

Education is an indispensable asset. At a time when educational policies are being harshly criticized now is the time to get an education and to further your education. Nothing will propel your success further than education. Numerous studies consisting of hiring managers said they would fire a educated employee over one who has no higher educational training. Furthermore, the minority of educated people will pass laws and elect officials who promote their own bought interests of the elite rather than the general population. Education is necessary



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