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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lunch Savings Calculator

I love it when I can save a few dollars here and there and especially when I find a way to save larger amounts. Everyone knows that if they simply bring lunch from home they could save money. However, if your like me, than you may need to be shown just how much.

Lunch Savings Calculator website shows you how much you could have saved with a home lunch.

It’s rare for me to buy lunch from the restaurants where I work because it is expensive and I can enjoy my lunch reading or getting errands done instead. However I see a lot of the same people heading to the same restaurants again and again. So I’m going to guess at what they may spend on daily lunches.

Lets say a Cheap Home Lunch price is $1.50 per day.
Eating Out is say $8/day
250 days per year (50 weeks / 5 days a week)
Over a 10 year period
With an investment Yield of 5%

I would have saved over $11K.


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