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Monday, January 08, 2007

Flu Season - Some Helpful Suggestions

  • Flu Vaccinations

  • What You Can Do Now To Prevent Getting Sick or Getting The Flu

  • If You Are Already Sick

  • All Natural Remedies With A Side of Raised Eye Brow

  • Some Facts That Should Be Known

  • Other Helpful Information

"Since I do an abundance of online research, a friend of mine who had the flu asked me last week, if I had read or heard anything about a flu outbreak. At the time, I knew a couple of people who were sick but hadn't given it any thought. Than I asked around and found out that indeed a good portion of my friends were sick. This weekend, I started developing sickie symptoms. So I figured it was time I do a little more research and write an update for potential sickies and those who are reading this from home."


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