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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Friend Request: 13 year old turning 25 wants to be your friend.

I’ve received a few of these and always politely turn them down. It’s not the 5+ years in jail that discourages me or even the life time branding of Predator that has me click on Deny. It’s the fact that I’m just not that much into ice cream, greasy pizza or illegal minor parties at the homes of unbeknownst parents

However some people are into chatting with minors and risking they’re life. I’ll spare you soap box lecture regarding what I think these creepy slim balls actually deserve and I’ll go right to the even creepier.

Apparently Disney wants a piece of the MySpace pie and will be opening they’re own Social Networking site that will feature chat and video clips. In addition, the website will incorporate parental controls for web-crawling kids… Does that mean parents will be able to name they’re newest babysitter replacement? With features such as Xtreme Digital and tools that will allow pre preteens everything they need to create custom profiles and personal pages, it’s sure to be a success with lots of creepy people over the age of 18 and unsuspecting kids who want to chat with Mickey, Pluto and the gang.

Redesigning with digital media has been a top priority for Iger. However, I don’t know if this is the right direction for kids. Than again, critics of the old Disney website say the revamp is long over due. The old site was difficult to navigate and doesn’t live up to Disney’s standards.

Ms. Williamson who is a senior analyst at research firm eMarketer said in regards to the upcoming Disney site, “Where Disney might pick up the most traction is with young teens, or tweens, kids that are not quite ready for MySpace or Facebook, and parents that want a little more control over what their kids do online.”

The new site took a year to redesign to increase advertising opportunities, including video clips and sponsors. Robert Iger will unveil a new Disney web site on Jan. 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a company spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.


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