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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gothic Mayor Candidate response to Pasadena Star-News endorsing Bogaard

As a candidate for Mayor in the Crown City, I must point out some issues I have with your endorsement of Mr. Bogaard. I normally think endorsements are "for the birds" - because it should be up to the people who decide, not some newspaper or political action group.

To quote the endorsement: "Does any city in the nation have a more well-respected, energetic, indispensable Mayor than Pasadena's Bill Bogaard? Not one we've heard of."

Funny. First of all, if Mr. Bogaard is so popular, why didn't the 65,000 registered voters in Pasadena turn out in droves to re-elect him in 2003? Doesn't anyone see he only received 9800 votes - a small fraction of votes for even people that only vote in Presidential elections?

It's not that he's so properly popular that no player on the political scene even considered running against him - it's that people are afraid to lose favor with the Mayor by even disagreeing with him. Enter: Aaron Proctor. A true political outsider who isn't in this race for personal gain. I'm even willing to quit my current job - which pays twice what the Mayor of this City makes - to devote to being a full-time Mayor and a full-time fighter for the real people in this City. It's not the people's fault that nobody knows who Bill Bogaard is, it's Bill Bogaard's fault for keeping it that way.

It's easy to dismiss my campaign as a joke and it's even easier to dismiss me for being young or whatever else you want to point out about me. The fact of the matter is: I truly care about Pasadena and I truly love this City and I truly stand by my convictions on things that need to be changed.

Well written letter - read the entire letter

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