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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The internet is faceless, we can't actually see those we help»» and maybe it's better that way for some people. Maybe people need to know they can help a cause financially without feeling too much guilt. I'm not one of those who can do that (sometimes). I went to the website and after reading some of the proposals I envisioned the faces of kids and teenagers who want to learn and teachers»» who are frustrated due to the lack of funding.

I found a website called Donors Choose where you choose where your donation goes. The first thing I thought of was "WOW - what a great idea."

How it works: Public school teachers write about special projects they would like to have their students participate in. The teachers write the proposal and submit it to Donors Choice.

Givers (that's you and me) choose which project we want to fund and we have the choice of funding the entire amount or a small amount as little s $10 - three & 1/3 Starbuck Chai with soy milk lattes... I can give up 3 of them things.

You can choose based on

* City
* % low income
* Art / Literacy, Math / Science, Physical ED
* Cost to complete


With Donors Choose I get to choose where financial donation goes and while I won't be able to fly to NY to see a school art performance at least I know there will be one.

See the original article at Make Sure Your Donation Makes A Difference

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