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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Turning Something Old Into Something New In Advertising

Traditional advertising faces new technological challenges that are employing old techniques back into new revenue. The internet has given birth to many incredible features and has provided a multitude of methods for freedom of expression. All that was exciting and new in internet technology is now unremarkable. Only creative expression is interesting and unfortunately even the availability of original content is rare. So can we be surprised that some of the new trends for advertising and marketing have returned to their roots?

New print material advertising and marketing is making they’re way to consumers. One of the new European trends in Amsterdam from (Dutch language) will begin offering consumers in April a pack of five envelopes with free stamps that they can use for standard size letters.

The envelopes will carry advertisements on the back of the envelope, and the person requesting them also has to agree to receive advertising by mail or email from the participating companies. This is a completely new concept that is unique in Europe.

So while the internet is still a great place to advertise, advertising and marketing professionals need to put down the mouse and consider picking up every day possibilities.

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