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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Night Before Monday Morning

The last couple of weeks have been really stressful for me as I learned the painful lesson of how changes in people due to they’re surrounding circumstances affect ourselves. Part of that lesson was that you may think you know someone even when you are particularly close to them, but you still only see the side of them that reacts to your personality and their current surrounding circumstances. When they’re circumstances change in ways they would rather not accept, people around them may fall prey to they’re negative scrutiny.

This in-depth awareness came about in a very random and disjointed way. In thinking about it though, I am still somewhat disappointed in recent failures of other people. They’re negative scrutiny came from them based on them not me.

Since I do have the luxury of blogging about a variety of topics. The blogs sometimes become a more ‘lost in thought’ extension of myself; where as my weekend (for really that’s my only available play time) is more an abundance of energy that’s been conserved during the week and finally able to let go. Every day I’m bombarded with images, business concepts, news horrors, technological advances, carer trends, human regression and media bias… and than of course there’s Lio and Danae to keep me sane in an insane world. Hundreds of thoughts pass though my mind every day and maybe I’m lucky for the times I am able to allow these traveling thoughts in and seperate the keepables from the throw-aways.

People in general tend to perceive and judge others based on they're previous experiences that has nothing to do with us individually. We know that people’s personalities are generally very multi-faceted. No one is ever “what you see is what you get” because people change and react according to their circumstances and the people around them. But if you can never truly know a person, how could you ever dare to judge them?

Moving onto a completely different train track, I had a fabulous little weekend filled with lazy sunshine hours of California sun. It didn’t start so well, but it’s amazing what happens when you just let the steam out and move on. I ranted and bitched and even screamed wondering if the entire world had been effected with a softer 28 Days Later agent virus knowing that I wasn’t the only women experiencing insane circumstances or delusional people.

In spite of this, the heroines won out and we beat society’s melodrama by going to a movie night called Fright Night here in Los Angeles to see Peter’s Jackson’s Bad Taste aliens with really big butts.

Refusing to let the melodrama tremors effect me anymore, we three (friends & I) went to or at least tried to roller-skate down Huntington Beach trail but the gravel trail was worse than an wood roller coaster after eating 3 hot dogs. So we opted to cruising Belmont Shores -- a peaceful dog friendly cove of Long Beach, CA.

We started the evening by going to my favorite Greek restaurant with the still most friendly restaurant owner in the world who welcomed us with hugs… even MRMan (friend of mine) received a family like hug after a jibe of “no hug for you” (with a very cute Greek accent). As always the calamari was amazing. The evening was finished by having a makeshift slumber party staying up late and watching movies….

Sunday we just spent the day lazily walking around and just life watching. Thankfully, the newest tradition hasn’t been broken by negativity. Later that night we made dinner together and just talked and watched one more movie before we had to succumbed to returning to our own realities of The Night Before Monday Morning.

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