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Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Can I Do To Save Money?

4bucks - Drink less expensive coffee. Make your own gourmet coffees. Cutting out one latte a week can save three to five dollars a week.

Breakfast - Always eat something in the morning before you leave. It will help you not buy the $4 McBreakfast meal that will only leave you hungry again at noon.

Bulk - Bulky is better If you have a family, buy in bulk. Bulk savings can be as much as $20 a month.

Cable Vampire - Cancel cable, buy a DVD player and read books. Watching television is one of the most expensive monthly habits. I wait until quality shows go on DVD and than rent them from Block Buster. You can easily save over a hundred dollars.

Computers - Turn your computer off every night. Not only does this save money on your electricity bill, but also rumor says that it prevents personal information from being stolen from your pc while inactive.

Deflating Money - Once a month make sure all of your car tires have the correct amount of air. Tires with less air than they should have costs more gas.

Fast Food - Prepare your own “fast food.” Check out these two links for ideas

Free Fun - Find fun / interesting / relaxing projects that doesn't burn money. Volunteering for entertainment organizations is a great way to experience the event from a completely different view. You gain a much more in-depth of appreciation for everything that goes into the planning. Plus you get to see the entertainment for free.

Freebies - Most large cities have free events. They're not always highly advertised because the organizers are trying to save money as well as attract a more appreciating crowd. Go online and look for free events, you'll be surprised at what you find.

Grocery Stores - Before getting in line to pay, do a scan of everything in your cart and use the ten-second rule - do you really need it?

Grow Vegetables - A great hobby that could save a few dollars is to try growing your own vegetables. If you live in an apartment, try growing tomatoes in a big terracotta pot.

Library Love - Does the library have it? Remember those places your grade school walked you to? They still exist and often they have the book you want to read for free. Public Library Locator

List Writer - Keep a list of what you spend. Keep a small notebook inside my jacket along with a pen, and whenever I spend money on anything, I write it down. I have done this in the past and I always feel guilty or stupid (sometimes both) when I go over my list and see all the little things I bought that I didn't really need.

No Pop - Bypass sodas and designer waters. Keep a water bottle full at your side and take a big drink every time you feel hungry or thirsty. Buy a water filter, fill up and add flavor:
  • Slice of lemon, orange or cucumbers and lemons
  • Add powered drink mix
  • Mix a pitcher of water with mint leaves
  • Cut a nice slice off off ginger and put in hot water for a great tea

Pause - Use the ten-second rule. The ten-second rule basically states that you should pause for ten seconds before making a purchase and spend that time asking yourself if you really need what you’re buying.

Stay Healthy - Every time I go to the doctor I spend fifteen dollars on a co pay alone. Since I've been going to the gym (forty a month) I have been sick a lot less, use less over the counter medicines and have more energy to do things I love.

Stone Soup - Also known as potluck dinners. A great way to spend time with friends and have a big meal for a fourth of the price.

Thrift Stores - A great treasure hunting hobby. I find the most entertaining things at thrift stores. It constantly amuses me to see what people have bought and than donated. Often I find brand new clothes that still have the tags attached. I've also found furniture and home accessories that were donated by stores because they didn't sell. Thrift store shopping is a modern day treasure hunt.

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