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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Soma Girls tv: Clean & pretty because girls never get dirty!

For every guy zine that does well, a new chick rag is born endorsing their site as a re-instilling of self-esteem and positive girl images -- while selling cosmetics and skin care at the same time. Soma Management LLC. is a digital media and entertainment company that has just given the world which focuses on (not so) original lifestyle content for young girls and women.

It has a fresh and clean look versus the loud obnoxious glitter and brat look that I’ve seen way too often. Not all girls are into loud, obnoxious and gaudy, so my first impression was that it deserved a thorough look see and read through; until you click into the Model Dairies. Thankfully the categories are filled with pod casts because you know us girls just ca ant ummm cant read none well.

Model Diary’s video cast shows the same stereotypical very thin women at a modeling shoot and shows just how easy being a model is.

  • Stand there

  • Lie there

  • Turn your head

  • Smile

  • Don’t smile

The pod casts than moves into a model that talks about her photo shoot in Hawaii and just how much fun it was as she strips off her bikini top. In my best little girl voice “Opps it fell, silly me.”

Health Tips shows a group of thin model like young women doing yoga on a beach with the beautiful ocean waves behind. Sadly, this was the best thing about the website. Nowhere did I find the pretty girl size 18 nor did I find the geeky girl blog who lists her height as 5’4 with interests that doesn’t include yoga, working out or makeovers.

Where are the career category, the sports category and definitely where the heck is the college and finance category? Oh wait that’s right, girls are meant to be pretty, fashionable, healthy size 3 and we lounge around in our pretty clothes reading the latest advice on How to Snag A Man. promotes themselves as a venue offering young women a diverse site of interests but instead all it offers is a luxury spas looking website aimed at the majority of young girls anxieties of I don’t have enough money, I’m not thin and I’m not pretty enough.

As a form of important news offerings I got to read (yea, I actuly gots to reed) about how
(from the website) “Pop star KELLY CLARKSON was staggered when a sexist music executive let her know he wasn't a fan of women writing songs.”

OMG! Life is over as we know it! Hand over the chocolates and give me a credit card I can’t handle this!

Come on! Where are the news stories about women like Anne Sweeney the Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks who was named one of Fortune’s 50 most powerful women in business? How about talking about Summer Williams, the Houston Texans cheerleader and aerospace engineer for NASA. Why are there no stories about the next generation of entrepreneur women who decided to make they’re own rules?

Instead, what somagirls offers is just anther Tween / Teen Happy Meal packed with travel, fashion, beauty and even (gag) anther celebrity category.... Oh yea, that’s whats young girls need, anther (It's fun to spend $200 on a blouse and or get drunk and stupid) celebrity category.

Ahhh I’m not being fair? Okay, the site does have some super fun downloadable games {sarcastic sneer}

  • Boom Voyage
  • Spot and his Friends
  • Blingo!
  • Face Card Deluxe, which will come in very handy for the next game
  • Runaway: A road Adventure


Where is Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft? Are they kidding me? What is this? A free how to be a Paris Hilton Carbon Copy Look-A-Like training center?

Through the use of interactive online video, provides young women with enough anxieties to encourage depressing self-images and inspires them to live a life constantly reminded that they’re not good enough physically and life’s main purpose is to be pretty … oh and do yoga looking really cute on a beach.

“Our mission is to deliver a full and meaningful experience that enriches young women’s lives,” said E.C. Morgan, CEO and President, Soma Management.

Target age ranges: girls 12-24.
It's never too early or late to "learn how to transform your old t-shirts in to sexy hot summer tank tops.

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