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Monday, May 21, 2007

The "Inner Child" update

I started this list I believe in December of 2006 and so far I’ve earned my first martial arts belt, a friend is planning to teach me to surf and I’m getting ready to try a couple of imaginings.


They cannot be professional ambitions, they have to be something fun that you wouldn't normally do or you have been putting off saying "maybe next year". Than within the next 12 months you have to do at least one fourth of the items of either list. You must list at least 10 items on both lists.

Things I Would Love To Do:

  1. Fly in a hot air balloon

  2. Swim with Manatees

  3. Build a raft like Tom Sawyer and float down the Mississippi river

  4. Be in a movie

  5. Burning Man

  6. Fly a plane

  7. Skydive

  8. Go on a blind date TV Show

  9. See the Northern lights

  10. Travel Europe

Things I Promise To Actually Do:

  1. Scuba Dive

  2. Parasailing

  3. Travel across the US

  4. Learn to ride a motorcycle

  5. Whitewater rafting

  6. Martial arts lessons and earn different colored belts - Simplified List: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple

  7. Learn how to Surf

  8. Sea kayaking

  9. See a live baseball game - I have tickets for Dodgers stadium

  10. Hike up to the Hollywood Sign

  11. Jet skiing

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