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Monday, March 17, 2008

Five ways to find a good job even if it is not your dream job

Trying to find a source of income, but worried you'll end up in a dead-end job you hate? Here are five quick tips to making sure your job doesn't ruin your life.
  1. Find a job that will make you happy, or at least content. Your tastes will change over time, and you'll likely discover something you like as you gain more experience.
  2. Don't take a job just for the money. Money really doesn't buy happiness, but money earned doing something you love almost can.
  3. Don't take a job just because you are desperate. Especially in tough economic times, it can be easy to fall into a "temporary" rut that turns into an unfulfilling career. Take the extra time to find a job you can see yourself in.
  4. Don't take a job you are extremely overqualified for UNLESS it will make you happy. This goes back to getting stuck in a temporary rut.
  5. If you are under qualified for your dream job – go back to college and get the training you need, it is worth it!
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