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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Employee Appreciation Ideas & Gifts

In the busy corporate world, where deadlines are tight, resources are less each day, and the bottom line appears to take priority over people, we forget that those very same individuals are the ones who make things happen. Oftentimes, I have observed executives brag about their people and how much they value them and yet treat those same valued employees like third world refugees. They do have one thing right even if they themselves do not practice it; without “their people” there is no organization.

Most employees get jazzed by the simple things that their employers do for them. I know that not all of us are “people people,” and I have seen my share of both managers who were outstanding in their technical field but should have never been promoted into supervisory positions. However, if you do take on the responsibility of supervising, remember that you are dealing with individuals who need or want a source of motivation, inspiration, and possibly even a role model. Make sure you recognize employee accomplishments, group team work and company fulfilled goals.

Here are some examples and or ideas on how to recognize employees.

Employee Survival Kit

NOTE: Depending on how many employees there are, you can either makes these or have a company assemble kits for you.

  • Sample packs of Tylenol

  • Coupon / gift card to Starbucks

  • Discount / free trial to kick boxing / gym membership

  • Candy

  • Hand flexing ball

  • Cute saying / inspirational quotes

  • Lottery tickets

Exxon Mobil Cash Card

Pre-Paid Gas Cards

Personalized bottled water

A beautiful and inspiring company quote that tells your employees they are appreciated

Things to do at the office:

Have a massage therapist come in and give all of he employees a free massage

Have a nail / pedicurist come give all of he employees a manicures / pedicures

Host a employee party at the $2 movie theater during the week day at night

Host a week night or weekend one day out doors adventure (catered with hot dogs) such as golf, kickball, pic nic, video games / Game Works

Have a local coffee roaster come in to do a coffee & tea sample lunch party at your office

Have cute but functional give-a-way gifts made for employees that say your appreciated i.e. Coffee cups, coffee mugs, ect....

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