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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Up & Coming Careers

1. Physician Assistant

Physician assistant is one of the nation's fastest growing professions,

A two-year physician assistant degree is the first step toward a career in this growing field. Since this is a graduate level course, you'll also need a bachelor's degree with course work in science.

Physician assistants can expect a bright career future, thanks to their role in streamlining an over-burdened medical system. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 49.6 percent job growth through 2014.

2. Marketing

Today's marketers are developing business strategies in a rapidly changing media environment. Marketing will appeal to anyone who enjoys charting business tactics in a rapidly evolving high-tech environment.

Demand for Internet and technology-savvy marketers should be strong in 2007. Sean Bisceglia, president of Aquent Marketing Staffing, comments: "There's a lot of pressure to find experience in Internet marketing," as companies recruit the next generation of marketers.

3. Video Game Design

Video game development has evolved into a $9.9 billion industry and rivals Hollywood for blockbuster budgets and long production schedules. The video game industry expects to double employment over the next few years. The industry reported 144,000 jobs in 2004; that number should reach 265,000 by 2009.

4. Network Systems Analyst

This rapidly-evolving career tops the Department of Labor's list of fastest-growing careers, with 54.6 percent job growth predicted through 2014.

5. Data Analyst

Systems analysts are big-picture consultants; if you're more apt to focus on the details, you may be better suited to a career as a data analyst.

Data analysts may design methods of collecting and analyzing data, or they may develop strategies for keeping data secure.

6. Higher Education Administration

Higher education administration offers a unique mix of policy-making, financial and business strategy, and program development. Higher education administration is a promising career for those who enjoy collaborative problem-solving and community service.

Education requirements are high, but so are the returns in this promising field, ranked among U.S. News & World Report's 'Best Careers 2007.

7. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy has received a great deal of publicity since the Bureau of Labor Statistics included occupational therapist on its list of 'fastest growing occupations. Occupational therapists help people with physical or mental challenges achieve independence in their daily lives.

An associate's degree is all it takes to launch a career as an occupational therapy assistant or aide. Aspiring occupational therapists prepare for greater responsibility by continuing on to a master's degree.

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