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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bizarre Products, Branding & Advertising

Bizarre products, branding and advertising is the new movement in attracting consumers. Even wrong placement of movie ads such as Liongate’s ‘opps, we didn’t mean for Captivity to be advertised in public’ poster and billboard placements among Los Angeles streets.

You may think it’s bizarre but bizarre products, advertising and displays get attention and makes thousands upon thousands of dollars every year. Bizarre and usual increases a company’s brand awareness.

Aqua One Technologies Inc. are the creators of Fish 'n Flush and the product is a perfect example of bizarre brand awareness. They design, manufacture, and market water control and conservation technology for toilets. Not very exciting but necessary. I would have been interested in looking up a company called Aqua One or a business that specializes in water and conservation technologies. But with the Fish N Flush, I’m at they’re site learning more about them. They even have a tabk for the Christmas decorating nuts I mean enthusiast.

Being Spaces: Commercial living-room-like settings,

Tryvertising: Letting a customer try out the goods before buying inside the store.

Sympvertising: Trying a product before you buy it in everyday life situations

Three new words in product and company branding.

Starbucks is a great example of Being Spaces. Starbucks centers on providing a comfortable living room type environment that invites customers to sink into a comfortable sofa chair and read a book while sipping their Grande Double Mocha.

Many forms of mass media advertising is dying or at least dawdling down to a slow drip. In response to sluggish media response, companies are providing product samples in subtle ways such complimentary placements in hotels. A large scale Tryvertising: / Sympvertising comes from hotels that have partnered with luxury carmakers to offer high end cars to guests during their stay. Guests get to ‘test drive’ they’re next potential model car while they visiting or conducting business in one of their travel destinations.

Anther example of new brand marketing and advertising is Pop-Up Retail establishments. The London Fashion Bus is a continually touring showroom with over 1,400 pieces of work from 40 clothing designers. The refitted double-decker bus brings unique designer pieces to areas throughout Britain. The Pop-Up Retail bus provides unique young designers clothing to a wider audience.

NIKE is doing what it does best by hitting the road with they’re Nike Runner's Lounge.

The lounge is a temporary sympvertising location where athletes can, get free massages, drinks and snacks and perhaps most significantly, test-drive Nike's line of running shoes.

Its first lounge was in Vancouver strategically located along Vancouver's Seawall, a major running route in the city and coincided with the preparations for the Vancouver half marathon.

New bizarre products, branding and advertising is everywhere, and here to stay in various shapes and forms. Original & bizarre is the new trend and aspiring consumers outside the big cities to try little pieces of city life. In addition, consumers now have access to the latest and greatest from happening urban metropolis.

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