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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Five Things I Learned Last Week

Last week was a roller coaster ride I don’t want to go on again. I’m sticking to my belief that someone, some evil entity dropped a drama bomb on the entire southern California / Los Angeles county area and 99% of the population was affected; including yours truly.

If you don’t want to read all of my rambling on commentaries, skip to the bottom for this week’s

The Five Things I Learned Last Week

1) (Negative) Drama is bad – Try to ignore it.

I may seem like a cold-hearted {bleep}, but I have indeed turned my back and walk away from people, places and situations that were exceedingly negative, unhealthy and stressful and I never look back nor do I regret it.

In the last couple of months I’ve slipped. I'm not sure when it happened but I temporarily lost the ability to think like a Vulcan. Last week was proof that I need to remember what is important and remember not to sweat the small stuff.

I hate it when I turn into the drama-queen and I lose respect for myself as well as others in the fit of drama mud slinging. Too much of last week was spent in a sphere of drama and horse waste that didn't do me any good and blemished my vanity loving self with an acne break out. I spent too much of last week sucked into vortexes that weren't mine, that I didn't need to be in.

Drama is a drug, too much of it can rot the mind as much as any narcotic.

2) Excuses are lame

The world is full of excuse makers, blame shifters, people lacking in self worth, attention needy people, etc. There's no avoiding it unless you live in a cave and decorating caves is costly and often lonely.

I decided last year that I wanted to like me all the time, not just 75% of the time. In order for that to be accomplished, I decided to stop allowing excuses to infiltrate my brain and emotions. Last week I fell into the “why I can’t or shouldn’t” pattern. No more of that!

In addition, although excuses can be genuine, more often than legitimate, people use excuses as a way to entice unnecessary drama and or avoid some unknown inner turmoil with themselves or others. I don’t have time for excuses. I will absolutely encourage you and give you reasons and solutions to how and or why you can do something… but if you come up with tenuous excuses on why you can’t do something; than you can’t by your own admission and I’m not going to try further to convince you that you can.

Solutions, not excuses!

3) Laugh and the world laughs with you

…and if they do not, than they don’t get it and that’s their loss, not yours.

One of the things I take some measure of pride in, is the occasionally comments I get from total strangers in my everyday life commenting about my smile and or humor at life. Smiling is great and often when someone looks at me as if they’re looking at a 1970’s punkster inside a Saks Fifth Avenue, I smile. I either get a warm smile back or acknowledgment that they realized I noticed them staring at me. Either way it’s amusing.

Occasionally, my sarcastic but witty remarks produces the person or people directly around me to laugh or start a mini conversation about the occurrence that could have ruined their day…but because I turned it into something humorous, they laughed about it. That’s the best compliment I can get from a person.

Last Friday night friends of mine and myself went to a movie night for old cheezy movies. If you have never seen the original House on Haunted Hill, you have to see it for the cinematic drama and one-liners. Vincent Price is at his absolute best in House on Haunted Hill. Avicado & I stayed to watch Saturday the 14th and it was better than bad, it held all of the cheeziness I was expecting and more so.

My favorite comment came from Avicado regarding the scene when a police offer tries to subdue the Black Lagoon spoof monster from the movie.

“MAN! The police always trying to hold back the brother from the black lagoon!”

- Avicado

(Still laughing)

Learn to Laugh, Learn to Live. Don’t just exist.

4) Reason number 7 on why you should always wear cute underwear no matter what.
April 9th 2007: Wind

If you work in a plaza / galleria like I do, you may have tall buildings on either side of you as you walk from your office building to the parking garage. If this is as true for you as it is for me, known that this is a man made wind tunnel... aka a great way to see women's undies in high winds.

When it truly sucks is when your chatting with a really good looking guy with physical attributes you enjoy, joking about the wind... when all of a sudden, {wooosh} and if your smart, you can come back with the witty comment

“at least I'm wearing cute underwear”, which thankfully (oh thank you gawd) I was.

Wind Gust: 43 mph / 68 km/h / 19.0 m/s

Friend asked me when I told him about the incident: “What about the Bridget Jones corollary?”

My Response: I reject Bridget Jones!

Fredericks of Hollywood & Victoria's Secrets could have easily raked in thousands of dollars from skirt wearing femmes by putting up a big freaken sign that said:

“Today Only - 'The 43mph Wind Gust upskirt Sale'

"Don't be caught in Bridget Jones type underwear!"

5) Forgive, Forget & Move On

Sometimes, actions and good intensions should hold precedence above conversations.

I have a friend who has no difficulty in telling me when he thinks I’m wrong. In truth, I love him for that, it keeps me in check with my faults and forces me to work on them. With that proclamation out in the open, know that if I get mad at (you) someone I care about, it will only last for a short period of time. I like my friends too much to hold something against them…and I know I've done plenty of things myself, where I've had to ask forgiveness and it was (most of the time) given.

Life is too short to hold grudges.

Than again, sometimes things are said or done that seem so atrocious at the time that I believe I will never speak to that particular person again. However, the person than does or says something that proves me wrong and I don’t mind being proved wrong.

In summary:

1) (Negative) Drama is bad – Try to ignore it.

2) Excuses are lame – Solutions, not excuses.

3) Learn to Laugh, Learn to Live. Don’t just exist.

4) Always wear cute underwear no matter what.

5) Life is too short to hold grudges.

It really is that easy

Bad Business - Changing Your Truth

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