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Friday, April 20, 2007

Logistics Careers in demand… Women are you listening?

Are we done yet? Are we done stereo typing which careers are for males and which careers are for females? Because if we are, there is a large opening of jobs available in Logistics and the industry would like to see more women roll in with they’re experience and skills.

Women (just as men are) are exceptionally suited to many of the aspects required for a career in Logistics. From coordinating and planning shipments to managing customer accounts and relations, qualified people and specifically women are being sought after.

Logistics careers still have an image problem with the illusion that it’s a Male industry and is inexorably “ men’s work”. I can understand why women may be discouraged. I’ve worked as an Assistant to a Warehouse Manager and I had to show warehouse employees that I was a professional first and women second. Once that was established, I rarely had a problem.
People from marketing and human resource management backgrounds have an edge over people who have no experience in warehouse management and or logistics. The skills are especially useful because the work requires good communications and organization with large assembly of people. Responsibility extends from the arrival of goods to the planning, production and procurement of a shipment’s receipt by the final customer. The extensive organizational and qualitative requirement of logistics is often underestimated.

Truck Driving Is A Way of Life

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