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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Make Sure Potential Employers Read Your Email

Almost everyone uses email everyday to send a quick note to a friend or confirm weekend plans. But as you move from high school (or a non office position) into the corporate arena, the way you use email has to change. This is indeed one of the places where the little details truly matter. Ignoring capitalization may not be such a big deal for personal emails, but writing work related emails in this style is regarded as someone not meant to be taken seriously.

Email is an invaluable tool of communication with potential employers before the initial in-person interview. It is your chance to prove how well you can communicate in text. So while email can be a great tool in landing the job, it can also show prospective employers that you are an irresponsible, careless job prospect.
Emails are meant to be short and get straight to the point of why you are corresponding. Always use a professional salutation, proofread your email three times, and run spell check before you hit "send."

Do Not

  • Use shorthand like: BCNU (be seeing you), BTW (by the way) or ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

  • Type IN ALL CAPS

  • Forget to spell check

  • Send attachments to recipients who wouldn't normally receive email from you unless they specifically ask for a attachment.
  • Spray & Pray - send the same email to multiple employers


  • Include a clear & precise subject line

  • Clearly identify yourself as the sender and why you are writing to them.

  • Send the message only to relevant recipient

  • Make sure all links work properly

  • Set up an auto-reply if you are away – such as on weekends.

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