Business Administration Education Guide

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I’ve made a lot of business related mistakes and have been taken advantage of numerous times from co-workers, Managers and even customers working in Business Administration as the newbie. What I didn’t know hurt my career and my on-the-job education took longer than it should have. I would like to save a few people some time and avoid administration-type mistakes as well as offer research, education and business related resources that I’ve gathered over the years.

The one thing a new office person may notice is that different Administration Assistants use methods different from each other. Keep in mind if you’re the newbie you need to learn an experienced way before attempting to create your own.

Should I get a college education in Business Administration or an Administration Assistance diploma?

College & Education - It’s shoved down our throats to the point where a few decide they don’t want to go, but education really is a necessity that the ones who didn’t go come to regret. There’s no need to go to a 4 year college if you’re not ready and you’re unsure. Education is a business like any other and there are plenty of diploma courses in the world where you can learn basic skills

As Business Administration Managers and Executives continue to keep costs down, the job market for Administration Assistants is increasingly becoming more skill-based. Receptionists are paid little money but what they learn can take them to the next level. This is how I started out. However, it took me forever to learn enough to become an Administrative Assistant. In today’s economy, more and more demands are being placed in the hands of Administration Assistants. Responsibilities such as Web Management, Itinerary Planning and even Accounting are common descriptions in a job posting.

Not too long ago, I saw an advertisement for an Administrative Assistant that required the following skills: Applicant to be proficient in Microsoft Office as well as Accounting practices and be responsible for managing the company web site by removing and adding new company information; sometimes on a daily basis.

That’s 3 different jobs in one and, in Southern California, it’s normal to seek out a person with these abilities. It’s insane, so I am a big fan of continued education.

The big baddies who do not want you to go to college are the businesses of dead end jobs. If you go to college that means you’re learning something. They’re afraid of what you’re learning because in time you’ll quite or you’ll request a raise because you know more and are more valuable and deserve more in your salary.

Today’s Administration Assistants are the real life Super Women / Super Men of the Corporate World and, yes, we do deserve our own holiday!