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Monday, October 01, 2007

Advertising: The Box Is Gone - You Need To Think Outside

Innovative thinking for innovative consumers

Thats a lot of shaving

An interesting twist on ambient billboards - Ponds has changed advertising ideals by changing the shape of the billboard itself. This is a perfect, although probably very expensive, execution of this idea.

Interactive Billboard

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Silicon Valley CEOs Past & Predictions

My biggest hope for the valley is that we continue to have the focus, creativity and capital to reinvent our future and the future of technology.

My biggest fear is that we will get complacent and allow it to happen elsewhere. But after watching us adapt over and over again, I'm betting on hope.

- Paul Otellini, Intel Corp

My wish is that we will have the courage to continue to evolve and to collaborate...
We can't rest on our laurels and lose the ability to collaboratively make dreams come true.

- John Chambers, Cisco Systems Inc

My greatest hope is that Silicon Valley will solve the current energy problem with the same genius that it has solved the problems of commercializing the integrated circuit, biotechnology and the Internet.

My greatest fear is that Silicon Valley will enter into a technological dark age...

- T.J. Rodgers, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Our greatest opportunity and challenge is to continue to foster a spirit of risk taking...
The real genius of Silicon Valley, and the one thing it can not afford to lose as it matures, is this willingness to look for unconventional ways to solve new or historic problems.

- Eric Schmidt, Google Inc.

Read the entire Past & Predictions at SF Gate

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