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Friday, January 05, 2007

Not Tera Bites, The Terabyte (link)

One terabyte coming up!

It was predicted last year that a 1 terabyte drive would be on the market by the end of 2006. 2007 has arrived and no terabytes are available at Circuit City. However, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, who predicted the terabyte arrival were not too far off from they're prediction.

1 terabyte is equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes... That's 500 two gigabyte iPods.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Friend Request: 13 year old turning 25 wants to be your friend.

I’ve received a few of these and always politely turn them down. It’s not the 5+ years in jail that discourages me or even the life time branding of Predator that has me click on Deny. It’s the fact that I’m just not that much into ice cream, greasy pizza or illegal minor parties at the homes of unbeknownst parents

However some people are into chatting with minors and risking they’re life. I’ll spare you soap box lecture regarding what I think these creepy slim balls actually deserve and I’ll go right to the even creepier.

Apparently Disney wants a piece of the MySpace pie and will be opening they’re own Social Networking site that will feature chat and video clips. In addition, the website will incorporate parental controls for web-crawling kids… Does that mean parents will be able to name they’re newest babysitter replacement? With features such as Xtreme Digital and tools that will allow pre preteens everything they need to create custom profiles and personal pages, it’s sure to be a success with lots of creepy people over the age of 18 and unsuspecting kids who want to chat with Mickey, Pluto and the gang.

Redesigning with digital media has been a top priority for Iger. However, I don’t know if this is the right direction for kids. Than again, critics of the old Disney website say the revamp is long over due. The old site was difficult to navigate and doesn’t live up to Disney’s standards.

Ms. Williamson who is a senior analyst at research firm eMarketer said in regards to the upcoming Disney site, “Where Disney might pick up the most traction is with young teens, or tweens, kids that are not quite ready for MySpace or Facebook, and parents that want a little more control over what their kids do online.”

The new site took a year to redesign to increase advertising opportunities, including video clips and sponsors. Robert Iger will unveil a new Disney web site on Jan. 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a company spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.

Huntington Beach Humane Society is NOT closing

Huntington Beach Humane Society is NOT closing

Huntington Beach Humane Society is not closing,

I just called Huntington Beach Humane Society and they are not closing they're doors. They are going through construction and will remain open.

21632 Newland Street Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Phone: 714-536-8480

I love and adore animals and before I post something horriable about a place that may hurt them I check it out formyself first! This is not true,
No animals will be euthanized.

Someone I know is going to visit the shelter to make sure that this is just a bad rumor. I will update if this is or is not true.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10 Useful Firefox Extensions That Didn't Make The Popular List

  1. Colorful Tabs - May sound really boring, but this extension makes it a hell of a lot easier to distinguish between multiple tabs
  2. Google Reader Notifier - will popup “unread” Google Reader items from the statusbar, so you can keep on top of your feeds before you end up with more unread items than are manageable in one session
  3. FaviconizeTab - This extension adds a new “FaviconizeTab” option to the context menu of the tab. When it is clicked, The width of the tab becomes small up to the size of favicon. Great if you keep a lot of tabs open like me
  4. WebmailCompose Fantastic extension that opens your chosen webmail compose window if any email addresses are clicked on
  5. Add Bookmark Here - Allows you to add bookmarks to any folder in the bookmarks menu like in Opera. Makes adding bookmarks to Firefox so much easier
  6. Optimoz Tweaks - If you a heavy user of sidebars this great extension makes it easier to open and close them. Use this link rather than the one on Firefix Addons, as this version is compatible with FF 2.0
  7. Google Browser Sync - The only bookmarks sync tool I’ve found that works seamlessly between PCs. Much better than Foxmarks in my view. If you’re outside of the US just use a proxy site to get the plugin
  8. ColorZilla - With ColorZilla you can get a colour reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. It’s great for when you see a colour on another website which you want to use, or for tweaking your own template
  9. Autohide - This one isn’t promoted heavily, but if you like browsing full-screen it gives some useful control over what elements Firefox displays
  10. VideoDownloader - Download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion, Pornotube… and other 60+ video sites!

Icon maker

Icon compositing tool used to combine icons to create new ones. Windows Vista icons contain a high resolution 256x256 pixels images. These images are used exclusively by Vista and they are stored using PNG-based compression. Explorer dynamically resamples them to required resolution.

DJ Xian: New Year's Unsolicited Advice (rant)

(Take what you will and whatever applies from the rant.)

Time to pull your collective heads out of your asses and start taking personal responsibility for yourself and your "life". Figure out your financial situation, and your long term plans for security and savings. Living at home with mom and dad doesn't cut it. Living on your friend's couches, doesn't cut it. Living from relationship to relationship in your b/f's/g/f's pad doesn't cut it (and is real fucking shitty and pathetic...quite the "catch" aren't you?). Living in that peice of shit car that will cost you more than rent per month near the end of it's life, also doesn't cut it.

If you don't have a job, get a fucking job. Nobody owes you a dime once you're 18, and pussying around trying to prolong that childhood irresponsibility when you're pushing 20, 25, 30, or worse, 35, is fucking sad. Especially the girls who keep waiting for some replacement daddy to take care of them. Get a clue and stop insulting my gender with that antiquated attitude.

If you're still in school, suck it up and finish it. That degree might seem unimportant to you now, but it's the difference of $20k in most industries and career paths. If you're one of those, "I want to stay at home and pop out babies," ditzes, shut the fuck up and do it anyways. When you're ambition of marrying rich bites you in the ass with some abusive asshole or a guy who dumps your dumb and lazy ass for all it's worth(less), you'll be happy to have a backup plan.

Overall, stop pretending like there's no tomorrow, or no next week, or next year. There's no excuse to not plan for your future. Even if it's stupid, write down a list of 10 things (be realistic) you want to do to make your life meaningful, and then for each thing, write down the 1-5 prerequisites to make this happen, and start actualizing shit. And fuck that emo apathy in the ass, dry. Just shut up and do it. Do something that makes you more than a forgetable leech on society. Something to look back on fondly when you're old and infirm, and can say, "I did that. I lived that."

And not from some government rest home if you're lucky, or on the street's if you're not. But from your own home. Cause in case you forgot, this is America. The land of opportunity, and a land of the american dream: to own property. $50k saved up in 30 years might not mean much here in LA, but it can get you a practical mansion in other states. And by the time you're old enough to afford it, you'll probably be tired of this town anyhow. And if not property, there's so many other ways to make you're life one with measure.

If a pathetic loser like me can do what I've done, imagine what you could do? There's just no excuse to keep existing as a mindless dreg without change or ambition or challenge. And if you think you're being some kind of fucking rebel to the system, get a fucking clue and grow the fuck up already.

PS - To all the fucking wannabe "suicide girls" out there, nobody wants to see that shit when you're dried up and old. Unless you want to be that 40 year old stripper down the road, you best figure your shit out and make plans.

PPS - Stay the fuck off of tweak. Habitual tweakers are the lowest scum that's born from the recreational food chain. They lie, steal, cheat, and invite drama and lie some more before their life takes a nose dive and takes anyone they can grab onto, with them for part of the ride. Quite frankly none of you can afford that shit financially or physically. That emanciated to fat look with the fucked up teeth, "speed bumps", and perpetual paranoid anxiety after five years is real fucking charming and is sure to win hearts and jobs.

25 reasons why public schools are not safe & online High Schools are better.(link)

The only place you will be accepted is the place you make for yourself.
Holly Lisle, Fire In The Mist, 1992

A Wall Street Journal - NBC News poll found that 70% of Americans believed such a shooting could occur at a school in their own community.

Jan. 3, 2007

One student was shot to death in a high school hallway as classes were starting Wednesday morning. The suspected shooter, another Foss student, was captured about two hours later without putting up a fight, Police Detective Chris Taylor said."He was wandering in the neighborhood a few miles away," Taylor said. "How he got that far isn't clear."

The shooting happened in a hallway at the school, on the first day back for students after the winter break, he said.

Freshman Sam Sao, 14, said she was in the lunchroom, waiting for the bell to ring, when the shots were fired.

"Everyone was yelling, 'Get in the gym! Get in the gym!'" she said. "At first we thought it was a fight. Then the teachers started getting on the tables and screaming."

The school was locked down after the shooting. By about 8:30, police had secured the building and students were being sent home, Tacoma School District spokeswoman Pam Thompson said. Classes were canceled for the rest of the day.