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Thursday, November 16, 2006

YouTube - The new microsoft take over wave

Yet another new YouTube deal is struck. The video sharing site just announced an agreement with CBS to offer news, sports and entertainment clips on a daily basis, kicking off this month. YouTube and CBS will share revenue from the sponsorship of CBS Videos. Content set to appear includes “Survivor”, “CSI” and “The Late Show with Dave Letterman”, all from CBS Entertainment. The news division, meanwhile, will serve up “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric”, “The Early Show” and “60 Minutes.” There’ll be sports content from CBS Sports, and Showtime Networks will supply trailers from “Dexter”, “Brotherhood”, “Sleeper Cell and “The L Word”.

What’s more, CBS will be the first to test YouTube’s new “content identification architecture”, which allows the company to track down unauthorized use of their copyrighted content

What else?

Viacom sent YouTube a letter last week asking the video-sharing site to remove some of its copyrighted content, the two companies appear to have reached an understanding.

Now there could be a
possible YouTube and Viacom deal. The companies may have reached a mutually beneficial agreement that will grant YouTube the license to play the Comedy Central, etc. content again.

The potential compliance exhibited by YouTube is characteristic of the company that’s eager to make deals with media companies, as opposed to being caught in a law suit for copyright infringement. Viacom’s cooperation in allowing the content to be played on YouTube could show the media company’s eagerness to capture audiences where they are (online) and to still profit from the viewing of their video content.

Taco Bell to switch to trans fat-free oil

You don’t need to change the world, you just need to make it national news.

Taco Bell Corporation has announced that they will convert all of its more single brand U.S. restaurants to a new zero grams trans fat canola oil for frying by April 2007.

The transition has already started in more than 100 of the chain's single brand restaurants such as Taco Bell. At multi-brand restaurants, such as KFC/Taco Bell locations, the restaurants will switch in order to ensure the same flavor profile across menu items, Taco Bell said in a release.

The switch to zero grams trans fat development efforts began more than two years ago with consumer taste tests to preserve Taco Bell signature flavors. Taco Bell currently offers several menu items that contain zero grams of trans fat, including Gordita Baja-chicken, Gordita Baja-steak and Gordita Supreme-chicken. After converting to canola oil, Taco Bell expects more than 15 menu items will contain zero grams of trans fat, the company said in a release.

Taco Bell said it called upon Dow AgroSciences to develop the zero grams trans fat frying oil, which will be supplied by Bunge Oils.

Irvine-based Taco Bell is a subsidary of Louisville, Ky.-based Yum! Brands Inc.(NYSE: YUM).

Tenacious D Perform with Gollum/Sméagol - You're the One That I Want (Live)

Tenacious D perform You're the One That I Want (the song from the movie Grease) with Andy Serkis, the voice of Sm
éagol from Lord of the Rings. Filmed December 2004 in Wellington, New Zealand. In a word: hilarious! Gollum dropping a couple F-bombs with The D couldn't be anything less. : )

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100 gigabit Ethernet transmission sets new record

Researchers at a California company have conducted the first successful tests of 100 gigabit per second Ethernet. Using a 4,000km fiber network for a demonstration at the Super Computing Show in Tampa this week, Infinera transmitted a 100Gbps Ethernet signal from Tampa to Houston and back again.

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No not the dance, but those who are old enough to remember at least references to the Jitterbug will find themselves drawn to the new one.

Gadget of the Week – Time Magazine Online

Jitterbug has excellent pedigree: built by mighty Samsung, it was co-designed by Martin Cooper, the man who made the first cell-phone call in 1973, and his wife, Arlene Harris, herself a telecom pioneer.

The strategy is simple: give elderly people a phone that they can use, with larger buttons, fewer screen options and a padded, amplified earpiece that doesn’t interfere with hearing aids. Even the manual comes in large print, with excessive explanation (“Battery—Delivers power to make your phone function”).

GreatCall’s final ace is its operator assistance. If a frustrated user calls, the operator will see his or her personal phone list in order to help.

Plans range from $10 per month for “simple SOS”—no regular minutes, just emergency service—up to 300 minutes per month for $40. Voicemail will cost an extra $3 as will Operator Assistance.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

US Airways Bids $8 Billion for Delta

New York Times

US Airways said today that it has offered to acquire Delta Air Lines, now under bankruptcy-court protection, for $8 billion.

The combined company would become the largest airline in the United States, eclipsing American Airlines, and would be the largest trans-Atlantic carrier as well.

US Airways said the merger would save at least $1.65 billion in operating costs each year by combining facilities at some airports, eliminating overlapping flights and cutting capacity by about 10 percent.

Many analysts have been saying for years that the United States airline industry suffers from overcapacity. Several of the largest carriers have touched down in bankruptcy court in recent years, with Delta and Northwest Airlines seeking protection on the same day last year. US Airways itself has filed for bankruptcy protection twice.

Both airlines have had problems in recent years with their labor unions, principally the Air Line Pilots’ Association, whose resistance to pay cuts and other concessions was an important factor in forcing Delta into bankruptcy. And both have struggled to cope with low-price competitors like JetBlue and Southwest.

Mr. Parker said he was confident that the proposed combination would pass muster under antitrust laws, though US Airways and Delta are the operators of the two rival shuttle services in the intensely competitive Boston-New York-Washington corridor. Mr. Parker suggested that the combined airline could simply sell one of the shuttle operations to satisfy regulators. “There are no antitrust issues that can’t be resolved,” he said.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stand-in village for Borat's hometown furious

GLOD, Romania (Reuters) - Romania may not be a stop on Borat's fictional road trip, but Romanian villagers are furious their roles in this month's top-grossing U.S. film by a British comedian earned them a few laughs but little cash.

Nestled in a narrow valley in southern Romania, the village of Glod starred as Borat's hometown in Kazakhstan where, in the film, peasants live with cattle, horses are used to pull cars and brothers can share steamy kisses with their sisters.

Like many others who became extras in the film about an unwittingly offensive TV journalist from Central Asia, Borat Sagdiyev, traveling through the United States, poor villagers feel they were cheated.

"We want to sue them. They made the world laugh at us," said Marin Marcel, a 34-year-old Roma Gypsy, who along with his neighbors carves out an income by working in local quarries and picking forest fruit. "They taped us without paying us money!"

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.
Robert Ingersoll
US agnostic, agnostic apologist, lawyer, & orator (1833 - 1899)