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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Be Yourself

From: Robert Clough Search Engine Marketing News

Hi Everyone,

Mom's advice to "just be yourself" comes to mind today after reading Jennifer's article responding to a piece about trying to make your site appeal to social media visitors. I have to ask, why try to hide who you really are, and what your business really is about, just to please a group of visitors who apparently don't want to know the real you? Check out Jennifer's article and let us know if you think it's better to be yourself or to try to fit the expectations of people who aren't likely to be your customers anyway.

Plus, we've added local search expert Paul Jahn to our all star line up of bloggers. Welcome aboard Paul!

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

If you are in the Los Angels area

check out: Other Things To Do

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

35 Things To Reduce Stress In Your Life

1. Allow yourself ten minutes of Me Time everyday for privacy, quiet, and introspection.

2. Always be early. Allow 15 minutes of extra time to get to appointments and never assume the airport won’t be busy this time of year.

3. Always set up a just in case plan.

4. Appearance. Do something that will improve your self-confidence. Buy an article of clothing such as a shirt, that is a bit over priced but looks really good on you. If you look good you feel good.

5. Ask questions / Confirm. Repeat back directions, confirm meeting plans and ask questions to make sure you know what time, where and what is expected of you.

6. Choose your environment. One of the most obvious ways to avoid unnecessary stress is to select an environment which won’t be overly stressful for your type of personality. If you hate desk jobs, don't get a desk job. If you hate to talk politics, gently tell the person that you don’t enjoy talking politics.

7. Diversion. When stress is getting in the way of getting a job done, doing something else until there is less stressful feelings.

8. Do nothing. Seriously, after work or when you have some free time, do nothing. Take that moment to breath.

9. Do something for somebody else. No help is too small. Buy someone a scoop of ice cream, make dinner for someone who doesn’t cook or offer a ride to someone without a car. The feeling that something little you did helped someone else immensely reminds us that all of us need help during our lives.

10. Doesn’t work? Fix it or get a new one. The little things can make huge stressful moments. If your alarm doesn’t go off, your late for work. If your car windshield wipers don’t work well, it’s dangerous… get it fixed or get new ones.

11. Don’t be afraid to say NO! Saying "no" to extra projects, invitations and outings you know you don't have the time or finances for always gives an instant breather relief.

12. Don’t skip lunch. Lunch is a break for both mind and body. If the two are not working correctly, they’ll both collapse.

13. Don’t wait too long. Get gas before the red light comes on. Buy stamps when you have only three left, buy more bus tokens or buy a bus pass on your pay date before the first.

14. Every other day, do something you really enjoy. Whether it’s a scoop of ice cream, a walk at your near by park or a weekly Happy Hour.

15. Get enough sleep. Try using an alarm clock to remind you to go to bed.

16. Get up and stretch periodically if your job requires that you sit for extended periods. Step outside, walk down a flight of stairs and take the elevator back up… the point is to get up and move.

17. Have an optimistic view of the world. Find the good things when bad things seem to out number you.

18. Help. Learn to delegate responsibility to capable others.

19. If you know or suspect there will be a line, bring a paperback book. A paperback can make waiting in line tolerable.

20. If your memory or if your days are hectic like mine, don't rely on your memory. Write down or enter appointment times into your cell phone and set an alarm.

21. Let the steam out. Writing or type away your thoughts and feelings in a journal (a paper bound book or online) This can help you clarify things and can give you a renewed perspective. One popular method is to write down your negative thoughts and the horrible words you would have like to said to “XXXX”, than burn the paper and let the fire and wind take away those negative words.

22. Listening & brainstorming. Discuss a problems with a trusted friend and listen to a potential different perspective. They could help you clear your mind of confusion so that a solution can be found.

23. Make duplicates of all keys. Place a home key in a plastic box and than bury it in secret spot near by but not where they could easily be found. Give duplicate keys to someone you trust and carry a copy of your home key in your wallet or in a magnetic box so you can place the secret magnetic box to the underside of your car. If you lose your keys, there's a copy or at least you have a copy somewhere inconvenient but available.

24. Make friends with non-drama kings/ queens. Nothing can get you into the habit of “frantic” than associating with chronic drama queens / kings. .

25. Organize: Ask a friend to help you get your home / workspace organized so that you will always know where things are.

26. Practice preventive maintenance for expesive equipment such as cars, computers, cell phone, laptops ect….

27. Prepare for the morning the evening before. Make tomorrow’s lunch, plan to wear and put your work stuff on the table so your able to just grab & go.

28. Relax. The world will not end if you forget to pay a utility bill, the Fashion Police is just a joke and your home doesn’t need to be perfectly organized, that’s a preference not a necessity.

29. Schedule a no appointment day. Once a week or every other week – have a day where you have no appointments and no appointments will be made to see you. This way you can work or play as you see fit. This doesn’t mean that anyone can just show up to see you. It means that no one will be seen or heard unless that is what you want on that day.

30. Take a hot bath (or a cool one in summertime) or take some Me Time in a sauna to relieve tension.

31. Turn your cell phone off. Take a long bath, read a book, or just plain well sleep without worrying if your phone is going to start ringing. If you feel you absolutely can not do that, than either turn on your pc and utilize your instant massager Away messages or turn your cell phone on vibrate, than screen your calls.

32. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier in the morning.. This way mishaps are less nerve-racking.

33. Wash your car. I try to remember to do this during the week. This ay I almost always have the entire car self wash to myself. I’m alone with my car, some soft tunes playing and alone with my thoughts as I get rid of the trash in my car and in my head.

34. Yoga. Hundreds of people have made they’re own declarations to how less stressful their life is after beginning a yoga routine.

35. You Power! For every one thing that doesn’t go the way it was supposed to, there are five and potentially more good things that has gone right.

Soma Girls tv: Clean & pretty because girls never get dirty!

For every guy zine that does well, a new chick rag is born endorsing their site as a re-instilling of self-esteem and positive girl images -- while selling cosmetics and skin care at the same time. Soma Management LLC. is a digital media and entertainment company that has just given the world which focuses on (not so) original lifestyle content for young girls and women.

It has a fresh and clean look versus the loud obnoxious glitter and brat look that I’ve seen way too often. Not all girls are into loud, obnoxious and gaudy, so my first impression was that it deserved a thorough look see and read through; until you click into the Model Dairies. Thankfully the categories are filled with pod casts because you know us girls just ca ant ummm cant read none well.

Model Diary’s video cast shows the same stereotypical very thin women at a modeling shoot and shows just how easy being a model is.

  • Stand there

  • Lie there

  • Turn your head

  • Smile

  • Don’t smile

The pod casts than moves into a model that talks about her photo shoot in Hawaii and just how much fun it was as she strips off her bikini top. In my best little girl voice “Opps it fell, silly me.”

Health Tips shows a group of thin model like young women doing yoga on a beach with the beautiful ocean waves behind. Sadly, this was the best thing about the website. Nowhere did I find the pretty girl size 18 nor did I find the geeky girl blog who lists her height as 5’4 with interests that doesn’t include yoga, working out or makeovers.

Where are the career category, the sports category and definitely where the heck is the college and finance category? Oh wait that’s right, girls are meant to be pretty, fashionable, healthy size 3 and we lounge around in our pretty clothes reading the latest advice on How to Snag A Man. promotes themselves as a venue offering young women a diverse site of interests but instead all it offers is a luxury spas looking website aimed at the majority of young girls anxieties of I don’t have enough money, I’m not thin and I’m not pretty enough.

As a form of important news offerings I got to read (yea, I actuly gots to reed) about how
(from the website) “Pop star KELLY CLARKSON was staggered when a sexist music executive let her know he wasn't a fan of women writing songs.”

OMG! Life is over as we know it! Hand over the chocolates and give me a credit card I can’t handle this!

Come on! Where are the news stories about women like Anne Sweeney the Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks who was named one of Fortune’s 50 most powerful women in business? How about talking about Summer Williams, the Houston Texans cheerleader and aerospace engineer for NASA. Why are there no stories about the next generation of entrepreneur women who decided to make they’re own rules?

Instead, what somagirls offers is just anther Tween / Teen Happy Meal packed with travel, fashion, beauty and even (gag) anther celebrity category.... Oh yea, that’s whats young girls need, anther (It's fun to spend $200 on a blouse and or get drunk and stupid) celebrity category.

Ahhh I’m not being fair? Okay, the site does have some super fun downloadable games {sarcastic sneer}

  • Boom Voyage
  • Spot and his Friends
  • Blingo!
  • Face Card Deluxe, which will come in very handy for the next game
  • Runaway: A road Adventure


Where is Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft? Are they kidding me? What is this? A free how to be a Paris Hilton Carbon Copy Look-A-Like training center?

Through the use of interactive online video, provides young women with enough anxieties to encourage depressing self-images and inspires them to live a life constantly reminded that they’re not good enough physically and life’s main purpose is to be pretty … oh and do yoga looking really cute on a beach.

“Our mission is to deliver a full and meaningful experience that enriches young women’s lives,” said E.C. Morgan, CEO and President, Soma Management.

Target age ranges: girls 12-24.
It's never too early or late to "learn how to transform your old t-shirts in to sexy hot summer tank tops.

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MySpace Says: will give information for subpoena

When a group of eight state attorneys general sent MySpace a letter May 14 demanding information collected by the site about sex offenders who use the social network, MySpace publicly said they could not provide the information without legal guidelines being followed. However, they encouraged all of the state attorneys to follow the legal necessities so that MySpace could give them what they wanted.

On Monday May 21st 2007 MySpace announced they will indeed now provide the information requested per subpoenas. MySpace Executive Vice President and General Counsel Michael Angus says the site always intended to provide its sex offender information to the attorneys general but couldn't respond until required to by law. In other words, the company wanted the states to subpoena it for the data. They are after all a business making money and as a matter of law, officials at News Corp.'s (nyse: NWS ) social network said, they could not provide details like the names and addresses of convicted sex offenders who use the site.

However Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal sings a different tune.

"I am pleased that MySpace has heeded our demand, now by subpoena, to provide information about convicted sex offenders and confirm steps to remove them from the site," Blumenthal said in a statement. "Our subpoena compels this information right away--within hours, not weeks, without delay."

Blumenthal said there are currently 5,000 registered, convicted sex offenders with MySpace profiles.

MySpace Vice President and General Counsel Michael Angus says

"For each state it is different, but in some cases we would need a subpoena in order to get this information to them." It has to go through the proper legal processes, and we've worked with the attorneys general to help them determine the right language to make the request."

MySpace has been working with the attorneys general for over a year and began deleting sex offender MySpace profiles on May 2, using its Sentinel SAFE system for checking databases.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

The "Inner Child" update

I started this list I believe in December of 2006 and so far I’ve earned my first martial arts belt, a friend is planning to teach me to surf and I’m getting ready to try a couple of imaginings.


They cannot be professional ambitions, they have to be something fun that you wouldn't normally do or you have been putting off saying "maybe next year". Than within the next 12 months you have to do at least one fourth of the items of either list. You must list at least 10 items on both lists.

Things I Would Love To Do:

  1. Fly in a hot air balloon

  2. Swim with Manatees

  3. Build a raft like Tom Sawyer and float down the Mississippi river

  4. Be in a movie

  5. Burning Man

  6. Fly a plane

  7. Skydive

  8. Go on a blind date TV Show

  9. See the Northern lights

  10. Travel Europe

Things I Promise To Actually Do:

  1. Scuba Dive

  2. Parasailing

  3. Travel across the US

  4. Learn to ride a motorcycle

  5. Whitewater rafting

  6. Martial arts lessons and earn different colored belts - Simplified List: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple

  7. Learn how to Surf

  8. Sea kayaking

  9. See a live baseball game - I have tickets for Dodgers stadium

  10. Hike up to the Hollywood Sign

  11. Jet skiing

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