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Friday, March 23, 2007

New Words / Phases Based On or Inspired By Technology

1. Bipodding ~ The act of sharing an Ipod's headphones so that two people can listen at the same time, each using one headphone.
2. Bitcom ~ A short, sitcom-style video available over the internet.
3. Blogversation ~ interaction between blogs to create a multi level conversion.
4. Bluejacking ~ Temporarily hijacking another person's cell phone by sending it an anonymous text message using the Bluetooth wireless networking system.
5. Crackberry ~ A blackberry handheld computer, particularly one used obsessively; a person who uses such a computer obsessively
6. Knowbie ~ A knowledgeable and experienced Internet user.
7. Mososo (moh.SOH.soh) ~ Mobile social software; a program that enables you to use your mobile phone to find and interact with people near you.
8. Mouse Potato ~ A person who spends a lot of time at the computer
9. Newpeat ~ A repeat that is slightly different from the original.
10. Photolurker ~ A person who obsessively and anonymously browses strangers' photos posted to online photo~sharing sites.

For the other 10 go to Twenty new words and or phases inspired by computer users

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Use Personal Hobbies To Nurture Career Success

The ideal situation is to have a boss who looks out for your interests during difficult times. This protectiveness is nurtured when the boss thinks of you not just as a competent employee but as a kindred spirit. If you want a higher quality relationship with the boss, develop an interest in something that also interests the boss. Ideally, this should be an activity that fits nicely into the work experience. For example, if your boss likes to talk business while playing golf, learning to play and enjoy golf. This will predictably bring a tighter business bond between you.

"To really understand your boss, you need to see him or her as a person, not just as a business contact," explains Dilip Phadke, Hewlett Packard's director of business development strategic initiatives.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Turning Something Old Into Something New In Advertising

Traditional advertising faces new technological challenges that are employing old techniques back into new revenue. The internet has given birth to many incredible features and has provided a multitude of methods for freedom of expression. All that was exciting and new in internet technology is now unremarkable. Only creative expression is interesting and unfortunately even the availability of original content is rare. So can we be surprised that some of the new trends for advertising and marketing have returned to their roots?

New print material advertising and marketing is making they’re way to consumers. One of the new European trends in Amsterdam from (Dutch language) will begin offering consumers in April a pack of five envelopes with free stamps that they can use for standard size letters.

The envelopes will carry advertisements on the back of the envelope, and the person requesting them also has to agree to receive advertising by mail or email from the participating companies. This is a completely new concept that is unique in Europe.

So while the internet is still a great place to advertise, advertising and marketing professionals need to put down the mouse and consider picking up every day possibilities.

Product Development

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How To Advance Your Career

· I am able to recite my goal(s) at any time.

· I will ask questions

· I will be in the office before my boss 90% of the time.

· I will be the person to speak out with new ideas

· I will finish everything I start. I am not going to bail on a project.

· I will know how competitors do things so I can suggest better solutions Creating Good Habits For Success

· I will lead others and show my strengths because someday I may want these people to work for me.

· I will learn as much as possible about the roles people play in the company. One day I will have to fill those roles.

· I will leave the office after my boss 90% of the time.

· I will listen even if I believe I know everything there is to know about the topic.

· I will look for areas that my company fails and try to solve them to the best of my abilities. One day I will fix those failures by starting my own company.
Top 10 Adventures In Self-Employment

· I will never stop learning new skills

· I will not complain and gossip because my reputation will follow me.

· I will promote my success by promoting the success of a project I worked on.

· I will speak my mind in the face of rejection when I am confident that my idea is a winner, but I will remain open to meeting halfway with someone who opposes my idea.

· I will study new trends so I am the person with the good ideas.

· I will work and think as if this company was my own.

· If the customer has a problem, I will help figure it out how to solve it.

· If they ask me for a report, I will do it exceedingly well. One day I may ask an employee of mine for similar reports.

· Regardless of what my boss says, I will review myself each month and then ask for help when I need it.

Resistance Is Futile

Technology is ever changing, it's limitless.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

10 Things They Don’t Teach In College

Inspired by Michael McDonough's The Top 10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School

1. Do not rely on talent alone

Talent is only one-third of success. While talent is important in any profession, it is not a guarantee of success. Only a combination of hard work, talent and luck (in that order) will create success. Hard work means self-discipline and sacrifice. Luck means, networking, working hard, social contacts and timing.

2. Be willing to start at the bottom and earn your way to the top

“95 percent of any creative profession is shit work.” Michael McDonough

College will teach you the creative aspects, the legal expectations and summary of what to expect. However, most of the career opportunities boring grunt work, drafting, research, negotiating, sales and collecting and stupid parts of your profession and perform them with diligence, you will never succeed.

3. Not everything is equally important

You must decide what is important. Everything is important, yes but not everything is equally important.

4. Don’t over-think a problem.

Give yourself 20 minutes on something completely different and than return to the problem with a fresh look. If you can improve upon it, make it a “pet” project.

5. Separate the known from the unknown.

Begin at the beginning. Make a list comparing what you do know or think you know compared to what you don’t know. Then work on each unknown, solving and removing them one at a time. In Zen it is expressed as “Be where you are.”

6. Remind yourself of what your goals are

Never forget why you are working on a specific project. Keep your goals near by so you an always read them at a glance.

7. Don’t be overconfident

Some people have said that overconfidence is no confidence. Be humble in approaching problems. Realize others who are older or younger may have a fresh look that you never thought of. Accept your moments of ignorance and work diligently to educate yourself out of it. Ask questions.

8. No good deed goes unpunished.

Good deeds and brilliant ideas go against the grain of the social contract almost by definition. They will be challenged and will require enormous effort to smile beyond other’s ignorance and selfishness. Through self confidence is where you will succeed. Work hard, expect to fail a few times, and expect to be rejected.

9. It all comes down marketing

Get out in the world and show people what you have. This is the time to be a bit egoistical, because no matter how fabulous your creation is, if you don’t get it out there for people to see (and buy), it doesn’t exist.

10. The rest of the world counts.

A suit and a ivy league education doesn’t make you a genius nor does it make you an instant success. No matter how good you are, somebody has to construct or manufacture it. Somebody has to buy it. Respect people and you will succeed.

What Are They Famous For?

Google = Search
Their brand? Finding the information you want
Career Opportunities »»

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Truck Driving Is A Way of Life

There's more to being a truck driver than just driving and signing shipping forms.If you have what it takes to hit the road, then do not hesitate. Enjoy the pay and the benefits and see America in its finest with your truck driving career.

Truck Driving Is A Way of Life

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Mediterranean Short Shorts

JERUSALEM (Reuters) –

Doesn’t everyone know what restaurant chain Hooters is known for? Waitresses in low-cut blouses, short shorts and adequate food. Even in America, Hooters is controversial but now the first Hooters will open its first branch in Israel this summer, in the Mediterranean seaside city of Tel Aviv.

"I strongly believe that the Hooters concept is something that Israelis are looking for," Ofer Ahiraz, who bought the Hooters franchise for Israel, told Reuters Monday. "Hooters can suit the Israeli entertainment culture."

Ahiraz said a specific location in Tel Aviv, Israel's most cosmopolitan city, had yet to be chosen, but he said it would not open restaurants near large religious populations, and they would not be kosher.

He said his plan was to open as many as five Hooters restaurants in the next few years, including one in the southern resort city of Eilat.

The Tel Aviv version of Hooters is expected to mimic most of the chain's other 430 restaurants in the United States and in 23 countries including China, Switzerland, Australia and Brazil.

Ahiraz said, however, he expected some minor modifications to meet Israeli tastes since U.S. chains have had a mixed response in Israel.

Food chains such as Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Hard Rock Cafe failed, Kentucky Fried Chicken closed many locations, while others such as Burger King and McDonalds have thrived by altering their offerings to suit the Israeli market.

"It shows that if you are flexible and listen to your customers you can be a success story," Ahiraz said.

The opening of Hooters in Israel is part of the chain's global expansion. Privately held Hooters said it planned to open 17 restaurants in Colombia, Dubai, Guam, New Zealand and India in the next two years.

"International expansion is a major focus for our company, and we are very excited to add Israel to our family," John Weber, executive vice president of franchise operations for Hooters of America, said in a statement.

How To Open An Online Commerce Store While Going To School

Teens and Wheels Introduces Teenagers To The Valuable Career Of Automotive Technicians

High school students from six southern states will get a special view of how vehicles are manufactured, delivered and serviced during a two-week educational program designed to introduce them to Automotive careers which is a field that has a growing demand for skilled workers.

10 Internet Businesses You Can Start With Very Little Money

The internet has become as common as a Drive Thru Coffee joint. Almost everyone has been through one, many people use them daily and yet they still have a lot of room for growth. Don’t feel as though you may have missed the first dotcom wave. Even if you didn’t have enough money for a first or even second wave net fever catch, there are still valuable career opportunities to be found online. You don’t have to be rich to be an entrepreneur in this new age of Web 2.0 applications.

  1. Affiliate Marketer
  2. Answer Questions
  3. Apparel Store
  4. Ebay Business
  5. Make Videos
  6. Photo Retouching
  7. Podcast
  8. Sell your own service
  9. Start a blog
  10. Web Design

Affiliate Marketer

Startup Costs: None.

Details: Join another company’s affiliate program like Amazon Affiliates. Earn a commission each time someone you’ve referred makes a purchase. Affiliate programs vary on commission so shop around for the best deal.

Answer Questions / Give Advice

Startup Expenses: Free or the cost for a personal domain and website hosting.

Details: Do you almost always see the solutions to problems? If so, you can start a blog based on reader questions and general Why Did This Happen occurrences and use web affiliates to bring in the $$. Also if your able to find a Cha Cha guide sponor and your great at answering questions you can make between $5-10/hr answering questions.

Apparel Store

Startup Expenses: As little as $6 per shirt or gas money & posting fees

Details: There are several ways to start an online apparel store. A lot of people will garage hunt and sell found clothing on the net. You can also think of some witty slogans and use online businesses such as Café Press to handle all of your printing and ordering process.

eBay Business

Startup Costs: $120 for a compact digital camera.

Details: That pile of stuff in your garage and cool little nick nacks you find in everyday life could be a goldmine. Snap a photo and list it on eBay.

Make Videos

Startup Costs: App $100

Details: Create funny videos and post them online. Video sharing sites like Revver share 50% of their ad revenue with you. The guys that made the Mentos + Diet Coke videos made over $30,000!

Photo Retouching

Startup Expenses: $100 for photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Details: Remove unwanted red-eye and strangers from photos or bring old photos back to life. Photoshop Elements makes this super simple with their magic tools. Start with your friends and family, and the word about your service will spread like wildfire.


Startup Costs: $50 for a microphone.

Details: Don’t keep your opinions to yourself, voice them to the world by recording and broadcasting them to others via podcasting. If enough folks listen to your podcast, you can sign up with an advertising service like Podtrac and earn some nice money.

Sell Your Own Service

Startup Costs: Nothing more than what you already pay.

Detail: Whether you’re a photographer, legal consultant, real estate agent, tutor or anything in between, you can make money by selling your services online. It’s an easy way to increase the your market share and revenue. Start by creating an online ad of what you can offer on free classified listing sites like Craigslist, which receives over 14 million visitors a month.

Start a Blog

Startup Expenses: Free or the cost for a personal domain and website hosting.

Details: Choose a niche you’re passionate about and write about it daily. Place contextual ads from Google or Yahoo on it to reap in the money. Services like Blogger and Typepad are free, but you don’t get your own custom domain. Shell out a little cash and get your own domain for a more professional look.

Web Design

Startup Costs: $100 for web design software like Microsoft Frontpage

Details: Every business needs a web presence. Although there a many free templates available on the web, most are difficult or look like bad McDonald clones. You can make anywhere from $100 to $1000 just by making a simple websites for the local mom and pop shop down the street.

There are several career opportunities on the web if you open your mind and eyes and use some imagination mixed with god old fashioned hard work. The act of running a business over the Internet offers many rewards. You literally have a global store when you operate an e-business. Additional considerations

  • Educational courses tutoring
  • Data entry services
  • Telephone answering service
  • Independent wine consultant

Remember, for your web development needs there are tons of free applications available.

Roughing It: College Below the Poverty Line

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