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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Online Sports Spending To Hit $1 Billion By 2011

Story Highlights:

MARKETERS WILL SPEND SOME $727 million on paid search and rich media ads on sports Web sites in the U.S. next year--up almost 33% from this year, reports eMarketer. And while advertiser spending on the Beijing 2008 Olympics will fuel much of that bump, the upward trend is slated to continue, pushing sports site ad revenues to top $1 billion by 2011.

The popularity of fantasy sports leagues has also drawn advertiser attention, as the fantasy games bring in between 15 and 18 million players each year. In 2006, marketers spent $150 million on branding and advertising deals with these online communities, and analysts are forecasting the dollars to continue to flow.

Streaming video is the only questionable component in the online ad spending forecast, as user adoption of online video for sports has been slow. The eMarketer report found that only 11% of consumers "were likely" to stream sports clips, compared to almost 50% that "were likely" to stream news clips and music videos.

Source: Online Media Daily

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Monday, July 23, 2007

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In-Car Gadgets & Entertainment - Necessary Or Narcissistic?

The idea of entertainment in a car sounds not so bad… if they are used to entertain children and or bored adults on a long and winding road trip. But at what point has technology gone too far when the driver is the one using the entertainment? While driving late at night on a not so busy Los Angeles major freeway I looked to my left to see a driver watching a movie while driving. There were not very many cars on the road but if he was using it to stay awake during the drive, than he was twice the danger of causing an accident.

Typical luxury and family automobiles features a navigation system, DVD player, MP3 player, Bluetooth abilities, HD radio broadcasting, and even Wi-Fi technology. All of these luxuries and entertainments are additional distractions on the road. The gadget distractions have become so bad that laws have already or are now being passed that makes it illegal to text while driving. Seems perfectly logical yet hundreds of drivers still send text messages while driving. I know because I use to be one of them. I stopped after a way too close minor accident could have occurred if I hadn’t looked up at exactly the perfect moment to slam my brakes on. In addition, I now ride passenger on my boyfriend’s motorcycle and the things I witness as a motorcycle passenger leaves me gawking in utter disbelief.

With these thoughts in mind, I have severe doubts about the sensible use of South Korea's new GPS navigation system that is an all-in-one navigation system that allows passengers (or drivers) to watch television on a 7-inch display that also displays photos, plays videos, permit games to be played, controls music selection and now has a digital karaoke machine. The all-in-one navigation system looks beautiful but would any of us be all that surprised to see the driver next to us singing in their car with a microphone in their hand? Thankfully, they're only available in Korea.

On The Other Hand

Mouhamad A. Naboulsi, president Applied Computer Technologies, Inc. believes there is a middle ground that does not compromise safety. He says that his company has developed a system that balances the driving practice with emphasis on safety, while still allowing drivers to use communication & entertainment technologies while driving. Here are the key advantages he lists as luxury and safety features

1- Hands are monitored to be on the steering wheel, otherwise devices are disabled
2- Incoming communications are silenced when Drivers are passing, merging and or changing lanes etc.
3-System is calibrated to the driver’s skills and experience and fits into a cell phone.

In addition, Mouhamad A. Naboulsi makes some very valid and important points that demand attention. He continues by saying

“What we need is to educate our legislative bodies to require a device like ours on every vehicle. Auto manufacturers are aware of our device and some are already using it overseas, to avoid our patents. let's face it, if we turn off our cell phones, we will be passed by Europe, Japan and the rest of the world. We need to stay connected to stay competitive, but we need to do it safely.”

Mouhamad A. Naboulsi president of Applied Computer Technologies, Inc. said that the company is currently looking for capital and for political mentors. If interested, please visit the Applied Computer Technologies, Inc website.

Source: Yahoo Tech: Navigation System features In-Car Karaoke

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