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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ten unusual websites you may not know about

1. Google SMS

I’m only guessing at this number -- but I have a feeling that approximately only 50 percent of cell users have web capable cell phones or use the Internet potential on their cell phones. However, there have been times where I sincerely wished I had a laptop as I sat in the passenger seat hoping to come by something of interest for lunch or dinner.

With Google SMS you send a text message to 466453 ('GOOGLE' on most devices) and they will send you back results. I text messaged Art Supplies 91423 and found two in my immediate area.

For a demo and more info go to Google SMS

2. Retail Me Not

Your not cheap you’re a savory shopper and with Retail Me Not you can locate coupons for web merchants and services.

Most popular stores included

Papa Johns


Retail Me Not

3. Grand Central

I was doubtful of the usefulness of Grand Central but than I saw the Google bought them so if Google bought them it must be an “I must have it’ item …right? Grand Central takes all of your phone numbers and combines them by providing one single phone number for all your phones and a web-based centralized voicemail system. Features include

  • Call Screening: Know who's calling and screen unknown callers
  • ListenIn: Hear why someone is calling before taking the call
  • Block Callers: Unwanted callers won't be able to reach you anymore
  • Notifications: Receive voicemail notifications via email or SMS

My first favorite was ListenIn because I believed it would send the caller a message asking them why their were calling you. In truth ListenIn lets you listen to voicemail as it is being recorded.

I got a call last night at 2:20 am. Thankfully my phone was on vibrate otherwise they would have gotten a sleepy angry women. If there was a feature I could use Sunday through Thursday where I could pre record a message asking why a caller was calling I would sign up in a New York second! The callers may not like my “why the heck are you calling me” message but it would be amusing.

Grand Central

5. Mosio

  • Sitting in a doctor’s office waiting….
  • Sitting in the hallway of a court house waiting for traffic court, waiting and waiting
  • Listening to the twenty people ahead of you in traffic court waiting waiting waiting waiting

No cameras, no iPods, no laptops ad your bored stupid. Use Mosio to keep you entertained. Using your mobile phone text a question and receive up-to 4 answers by real people online who are just as bored as you.

You don’t have to be bored anymore -- Mosio is here!

6. Bringo

A phone directory that lists direct human access numbers to support employees in hundreds of companies. Compared to how many companies are actually out there it is a small list, but at least there is a list. WaMu is listed! – I hate their phone tree!

…and Bringo was its name-o

7. Nutsie

Share a copy of your iTunes library file by placing a storage copy online. You can access the library from any PC or mobile phone.

Get your Nutsie Library

8. Qipit

I’m evil in harmless non threatening kind of ways. This one will someday get me in trouble. Every now and than I see road signs or graffti signs or just something whacky that makes me giggle because the creator wasn’t really thinking of secondary meanings. With Qipit, you can take a document picture and turn them into properly formatted PDFs. Save it online, you'll receive a link to the online digital copy of your document and than you can email, or fax the picture…. Or create a nice t-shirt of it.


9. eSnailer

Are you so freaking lazy that you cannot fathom leaving your precious keyboard to actually write a letter… you know the pen and paper kind of thing? At eSnailer you can send free US postal mail (to anywhere in the US) right from the desktop. No need to spend 38 cents of your hard earned money – it’s free!

Why? eSnailer is supported by ads and will ask you to accept one of their free offers…. However I believe they also send your letter in Spam decorated envelopes.

Have fun with your eSnailer

10. Yapta

Get a refund (or credit) from the airlines on a purchased ticket in case its price drops.

Yapta dabba do



Online databases of keyboard shortcuts


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